Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS Mumbai)

Telemedicine facilities started for consultation in CGHS Mumbai


Telemedicine facilities have been started as per the guidelines issued by the Board of Governors in few Wellness Centres of CGHS Mumbai. Eligible beneficiaries may make use of this facility  during the COVID-19 lock down to obtain consultation and get valid prescriptions for continuous treatment.

General Guidelines

● Consultation by telemedicine is not allowed for minors.
● Telemedicine services should be avoided for emergency care when alternative in-person care is available, and telemedicine consultation should be limited to first aid, life-saving measure, counselling and advice on referral.
● In all cases of emergency, the patient must be advised for an in-person interaction with an RMP at the earliest.
● Considering the situation, using his/her best judgment, the Medical Officer may decide the best technology to use to diagnose and treat .
● Video mode of telemedicine facilities through apps, video on chat platforms, Facetime etc. is subject to availability and discretion of the Medical Officer.
● Telemedicine has its own set of limitations for adequate examination. If a physical examination is critical information for consultation, the Medical Officer shall not proceed until a physical examination can be arranged through an in-person
● Prescribing medications, via telemedicine consultation is at the professional discretion of the Medical Officer.
● There are certain limitations on prescribing medicines on consultation via telemedicine depending upon the type of consultation and mode of consultation.
● For the follow up of a CGHS beneficiary, the Medical Officer should have seen the beneficiary in person for the same condition within the past 6 months.
● Except for common conditions treated by over the counter medications like paracetamol, ORS solutions, cough lozenges etc, first consultation by telemedicine is allowed by video mode only and is subject to availability and the discretion of the
Medical Officer.
● Investigation slip shall not be issued online.
● The Medical Officer can choose not to proceed with the consultation at any time. At any step, the Medical Officer may refer or request for an in-person consultation
● At any stage, the patient has the right to choose to discontinue the teleconsultation.


● Beneficiary has to initiate the consultation by taking an online appointment.
● The beneficiary needs to email the Wellness Centre from their registered email in advance intimating the online appointment for the Medical Officer with necessary details (template attached) along with the CGHS card copy for identity verification.
● The beneficiary may choose to send recent relevant investigation reports also.
● If email has not been registered, the beneficiary may do so themselves by visiting the beneficiary login section of cghs.nic.in.

Age/ Sex 
Registered Mobile Number 
Registered Email ID 
Date & Time of Online appointment 
Medical Officer for whom appointment
Have you visited the same Medical
Officer in person within six months?
Yes/ No
Is this consultation for follow up of old
conditions only?
Yes/ No
Copy of CGHS Card attachedYes/ No
Any investigation reports attached?Yes/ No
Authorization letter for medicine
collection attached?
Yes/ No


● The beneficiary may call the CGHS Wellness Centre on landline at the allotted time for online appointment and connect to the concerned Medical Officer.
● The Medical Officer should verify and confirm the patient's identity by name, age, address, email ID, phone number, registered ID or any other identification as may be deemed to be appropriate before proceeding with the consultation.
● If the identity is not established, the Medical Officer may insist that the beneficiary calls from his registered mobile number or may call the beneficiary back to their registered mobile number.
● The patient’s condition needs to be quickly assessed by the Medical Officer based on available inputs and the Medical Officer uses his professional discretion if emergency care is needed, to decide if emergency care is needed.
● If the condition of the patient merits emergency intervention, then advice for first aid/ immediate relief is provided and guidance is provided for referral, as appropriate.
● If the Medical Officer is satisfied that he/she has access to adequate patient information and if the condition can be appropriately managed by tele-consultation, he/she would go ahead with the tele-management of the patient.
● If the follow up is for continuation of care for the same medical condition , the Medical Officer would re-prescribe original set of medications for a refill (List A of medications, which has been previously prescribed for the patient).
● If the follow-up consult reveals new symptoms pertaining to a different spectrum of disease other than common conditions, then it will be considered as a first consultation which can be done by video consultation alone. Proceeding as first consultation in such cases is subject to the availability of video conferencing facilities and the discretion of the Medical Officer.
● If the situation is NOT appropriate for further telemedicine consultation, then the Medical Officer may provide Health advice/ Education as appropriate; and/or refer for in-person consultation.
● The Medical Officer can choose not to proceed with the consultation at any time. At any step, the Medical Officer may refer or request for an in-person consultation
● At any stage, the beneficiary has the right to choose to discontinue the teleconsultation.


● The Medical Officer will use the CGHS MIS module to open the beneficiary details and go through the past history.
● If the Medical Officer is satisfied with the follow up consultation, he may choose at his discretion to prescribe the medicines using the module including indenting of medicines.
● The Medical Officer should add the details of the teleconsultation in the notes highlighting ‘CONSULTATION BY TELEMEDICINE'.
● The CGHS beneficiary will get the prescription online automatically to his registered email ID.
● They may also access the prescription by logging into the CGHS MIS beneficiary login and checking ‘Beneficiary History Track’. In case of any doubts or mismatch, the beneficiary may contact the Medical Officer.

Collection of Medicines:

● The beneficiary should collect the medicines in person or through anyone authorized by them within 3 days of the appointment.
● The beneficiary may contact the CMO In-charge of the Wellness Centre for any grievance.


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