Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS Mumbai)

Priya Dental Clinic

  • Dental RVG xrays.
  • All types of dental restorations.
  • Root canal treatment for all teeth including wisdom teeth if required.
  • All types of crowns and bridges including metal, porcelain, zirconium etc.
  • All types of prosthetic work done including removable partial dentures, complete dentures, flexidentures, cast partial dentures and so on.
  • All types of periodontic work including scaling polishing, gingivectomies, gum enhancements, flap surgeries etc.
  • Minor surgical procedures like surgical extractions, perisectomy, wisdom teeth removal, Impaction surgeries under a qualified oral surgeon.
  • Dental implants including sinus lift procedures, bone grafts etc.
  • Orthodontic treatment undertaken under a qualified orthodontist.
  • All types of dental treatment Including dental X rays, fillings, Root canals, Crowns and Bridges, partial and full dentures, Gum treatments, Scaling polishing, Extractions.
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