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(FAQs on CGHS are intended to provide general information and guidance needed for the CGHS beneficiaries to avail CGHS facilities The contents must be read in conjunction with OMs/Office orders as issued from time to time. The contents are not intended to be applicable to specific /exceptional cases and no such claims may be made under it. Whenever any difference in interpretation of meaning and/or content of the facts stated here vis-à-vis the original OM/office order arises, the latter will be treated as final and binding).

Question Answer

For CGHS cards, as dependant, what is the meaning of the word "family" ?

The term ‘family’ means and includes:- “Husband  or  wife  as  the  case  may  be and other dependant family members. Dependant Family Members: parents,    sisters,    widowed    sisters, widowed   daughters,   minor   brothers and  minor  sister,  children  and  step-children  wholly  dependent  upon  the Government  Servant  and  are  normally residing with the Government Servant”.  Also  now  include  ,  dependent  divorced /   separated   daughters   and   step-mother. The   term   dependency   means   that  income   from   all   sources   including pensions  and  pension  equivalent  of DCRG  benefit  is  less  than  Rs.3500/- plus amount of DA on Basic pension of Rs3500/- per month.

Is there any age limit for sons/daughters as dependant in CGHS Card ?

Son  is  eligible  till  he  starts  earning  or attains  the  age  of  25  years  or    gets married  whichever is earlier.  However    in  case  the  son  is  suffering from  any  permanent  disability  of  any kind  (physical  or  mental)  he  is  eligible for CGHS benefits even after 25yrs . Disability  means  blindness,  low  vision, leprosy-cured,    hearing    impairment, locomotor disability, mental retardation,  mental  illness.  A  disability certificate   from   Medical   Board   is required. Daughter   is   eligible   till   she   starts earning,  or  gets  married,  whichever  is earlier (irrespective of age)

My married daughter has dispute with her husband she is residing with me. I am a CGHS card holder. Could I include her name in CGHS Card?


My daughter is married but son-i-law is unemployed. Can I have my daughter and son-in-law in my CGHS Card ?


The Divorce case of my daughter No is pending in Court. Can I include her name in CGHS Card?


My son is divorced Can his divorced wife be dependant as she takes alimony from us ?


Are step-children allowed CGHS facilities ?

Yes If they are dependant on card holder: other conditions as in case of dependant sons and daughters.

Are Grand children entitled for CGHS facilities?


My son is aged 26 and is dependent on me. He has been undergoing regular Haemodialysis. Can he continue to avail CGHS facilities?


My 23 year son was working in Pvt Company. Now, is no more in job but previously he was tax payer and has 15 lakh in his account, Can I include his name in my CGHS card ?

Yes up to 25 years age and if he is unmarried and if his income from all sources is less than Rs.3500/- plus amount of DA on Basic pension of Rs3500/- per month.

My father has agriculture land and getting humpty crops Can I include my parents’ names in my CGHS card, they live in my parental village?

No, their name can only be included if their income from all sources is less than Rs.3500/- plus amount of DA on Basic pension of Rs3500/- per month. And they are staying with you.

Can dependent in-laws be included under family members for CGHS facilities?

A lady Government servant will be given a choice to include either her parents or parents–in-law for the purpose of availing the benefits under CGHS subject to the condition of dependence and residence,etc., being satisfied. OM No. F.4(1)-18/63-H dated 3.3.1987)

Me and my wife are both central Govt. employees and have dependant brothers/sisters and parents.Can we make separate cards and include family members ?

Yes Your wife can have her parents as dependant in her card.

My husband/wife is also employed under Central Government and is eligible for a separate CGHS Card. Is it necessary that separate cards to be obtained?

No Spouse with higher salary can get CGHS Card made and name of other spouse can be added in the card.

Can adopted children avail CGHS facilities?

Legally adopted dependant children can avail CGHS facilities.

If my parents have a parental property in Haryana and do not stay with me in Delhi, Can they avail medical facilities and I send their medicines to them?

No Dependant family members have to stay with card holder.

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