Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS Mumbai)

Self Printing of CGHS Cards

Beneficiaries can now print their own cards at their convenience. This facility for self-printing is applicable for those beneficiaries whose CGHS membership has already been approved by the concerned Additional Director.

The steps involved in printing of the card are given below

  • 1

    Click on the link ‘Beneficiary login’ on cghs.nic.in

    step 1

    The following screen appears

    step 1
  • 2

    To use the beneficiary login facility from 25th October 2018, CGHS beneficiary needs to regenerate password using the button 'Generate/Reset password'.

    step 1
    • 3

      Enter the beneficiary ID of main card holder, Date of birth and Mobile no. that exists in the CGHS database and click on Register button. Password is sent to the registered mobile no.

      step 1
    • 4

      Enter beneficiary ID and password on screen shown in step 1 to print plastic cards of family members.

  • 5

    Click 'Print Card' for the beneficiary whose card needs to be printed.

    step 1
  • 6

    Enter the One Time Password(OTP) sent on registered mobile.

    step 1
  • 7

    Click 'Print CGHS Card'

  • 8

    A message will appear on the screen requesting to take a coloured printout and get the card laminated. Click 'OK'.

  • 9

    Download or open the CGHS card in PDF format.

  • 10

    Print the CGHS card using Print command.

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