Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS Mumbai)

Vision and Mission

                                                                                       "Your Health, Our Goal"

Vision of CGHS Mumbai

  • To evolve as a benchmark in quality Health care available to all Central Government beneficiaries and Pensioners along with their families.
  • To ensure accessible and affordable quality healthcare by compassionate medical professionals.
  • To cultivate an environment of trust, honesty, relationship, mutual respect and equality.

Mission of CGHS Mumbai:

CGHS Mumbai started to function in the year 1963 with 7 dispensaries at initial stage in Mumbai. Gradually it extended to the Western, Central and Harbour areas of the city. At present there are 26 Allopathic centres, 2 Polyclinics, 3 Dental units, 2 Ayurvedic Units, 3 Homeopathic Units, 4 Labs and a Radiology Unit. One Allopathic and Ayurvedic Unit in Goa also works under the administrative control of CGHS Mumbai.

CGHS Mumbai and Goa provide comprehensive OPD facilities and medicines through its large network of wellness centres, polyclinics, labs and it is second-largest service provider in India after Delhi.

CGHS Mumbai has empanelled private hospitals and Diagnostic centres in different parts of the city for carrying out investigation and indoor treatment facilities.

CGHS Mumbai refers the beneficiaries to the CGHS Polyclinics/ Government Hospitals/ Empanelled Hospitals for expert consultation and on the basis of their recommendation, treatment is provided and if needed indoor medical treatment is provided in the empanelled or non-empanelled hospitals as per beneficiaries choice, rate list and rules of CGHS.

The medicines that are not available in the dispensaries are procured through authorized local chemist and provided to the patients.

The expensive and life saving medicines are provided to the beneficiaries through our Medical Store Koliwada (MSK), whenever it is prescribed by the CGHS Specialists / Government hospitals specialist/ Empanelled hospitals.

There is a Grievance cum Advisory committee in every CGHS Wellness Centre of Mumbai and there is a monthly meeting of the committee with the Chief Medical Officer Incharge of the respective centre. If there is any point of grievance, it is discussed and sorted out at the local level. The matter beyond the local level is forwarded to CGHS Mumbai Administrative Office. We keep very broad and open vision to treat the beneficiaries and try to solve their problem and resolve every grievance very sympathetically.

Presently in CGHS Mumbai there are young, helpful and dynamic team of doctors in Allopathy,Homeopathy, Ayurveda and Dental Unit along with senior experienced doctors in all the fields.

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