Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS Mumbai)

Corona Virus Advisory to CGHS Beneficiaries


Wellness Centres

  • Curfew pass/ Travelling pass/ Medical Certificate for travelling purposes,etc are not issued by CGHS.
  • Avoid unnecessary visits to the Wellness Centre.
  • Use the online appointment system to avoid overcrowding in the Wellness Centre.
  • Non-emergency services like routine immunization & administration of non - emergency medicines(eg. Vitamin) are suspended until further orders.
  • Avoid non-emergency surgical procedures/interventions like cataract surgery, Knee replacement to avoid overburdening the healthcare systems.
  • Practice frequent hand wash with soap and water or with sanitizer when available.
  • Avoid spitting in public places.
  • Practice proper respiratory hygiene. Avoid sneezing/coughing into your hands. Do it only towards the cloth-covered part of your elbow or shoulder or into a tissue and dispose of the tissue immediately.
  • Fever cases with respiratory symptoms like dry cough, sneezing, sore throat & breathlessness should go directly to the designated fever clinic in the Wellness Centre instead of waiting in the reception or going to the doctor’s consultation room.
  • All patients who have travel history to any country/region affected by CoVID 19 or has recent contact with any such people should immediately contact  the central helpline number for corona virus - +91-11-23978046 or Maharashtra State helpline - 020-26127394 or email ncov2019@gov.in
  • Beneficiaries need not go to Wellness Centres for submission of MRC claims. Claims may be submitted within 6 months. Delay in submission due to corona outbreak will be condoned.
  • Avoid taking pain killers other than paracetamol for fever.
  • Do not stop any of your regular medicines for Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, Heart disease,etc.
  • The management of COVID-19 patients is as per the guidelines issued by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and MCGM. The nodal officer of BMC/NMMC shall contact every COVID-19 positive case and they shall advise management as per the guidelines.
  • COVID-19 positive CGHS beneficiaries without any comorbidities who have been advised home quarantine by BMC/NMMC have the option of telehome care through their parent Wellness Centre. Click here for guidelines regarding telehome care.
  • COVID-19 beneficiaries who have been advised admission by the BMC/NMMC nodal officer may get admitted in any Government/empanelled/private COVID hospital. All CGHS empanelled HCOs, notified as COVID hospitals by the Govt. of Maharashtra, shall provide treatment facilities to CGHS beneficiaries as per the CGHS norms and as per the prescribed rates for all COVID-19 related treatment.
  • COVID-19 positive beneficiaries/relatives need not visit the CGHS Wellness Centre for admission /referral to empanelled COVID-19 hospitals.

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CGHS Head Office

  • Visitors are not allowed without an appointment to the office of the Additional Director.
  • The issue of CGHS card will be restricted to people having genuine/urgent medical problems due to corona virus outbreak. Avoid queuing/ unnecessary visits/traveling to get CGHS card.
  • Avoid visits to the general section for queries related to claims. Queries may be sent on email- cghsgenl@gmail.com or by landline: 022 20828775.
  • Visitors should not queue together and maintain social distancing in the corridors
  • Please wash your hands with soap & water or sanitizer when available before entering the section.
  • Please cooperate with the security staff for the health of all.

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Advisory to staff in CGHS Wellness Centres

  • Anyone coming with fever or cough should be directed to a designated fever clinic in the Wellness Centre manned by the Nursing Officer wearing PPE. The nursing officer should inform the Medical Officer about the patient who will come and examine the patient in the designated room. They should not be allowed to sit with other patients and should be seen out of turn in a separate earmarked room if available.
  • As soon as the handheld non-contact infrared thermometer is made available, screening of all staff and beneficiaries should be started at the entry gate itself and febrile cases should be diverted to the designated fever clinic in the Wellness Centre
  • All leaves for the staff except on medical grounds, accompanied by a medical certificate from Government doctor, shall be canceled.
  • Request for visit abroad shall not be approved. Even in such cases, wherein the leave and other clearances are already issued, fresh approval of SS&DG, CGHS is necessary, if there are any compelling reasons to go abroad
  • Medicines for Chronic disease shall be issued for a period of 3 months to ensure that the beneficiaries are not required to visit the Wellness Centre frequently and there is no over-crowding.
  • Avoid giving NSAIDS to fever patients.
  • Clean the Wellness Centres thoroughly with disinfectant every day. Gloves are to be worn by cleaning staff. Use Lysol or 1% Sodium hypochlorite solution or bleach solution to clean surfaces like door knobs, elevator buttons, etc. Surfaces like keyboards should also be cleaned with damp disinfectant soaked cloth.
  • Curtains need to be removed.
  • Posters by Govt. supplied from Head Office regarding preventive measures to be prominently displayed.
  • Sensitization of all the staffs should be done regarding precautions, guidelines, proper hand washing techniques, proper method of wearing & discarding mask, etc
  • Maintain distance of at least one meter from patients
  • Discourage patients from visiting WC for small issues
  • All the staff in the Wellness Centres should drink water frequently to keep themselves hydrated.
  • Auscultate the patient by standing behind the patients.
  • All the staff in the Wellness Centre should wear aprons and uniform.
  • Take a bath once you return home and wash the clothes worn.

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