Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS Mumbai)

Circular & Notice

Sr. No.Name Of Circular/NoticeDateTypeDocument
1 Contractual Appointment of Retired Specialists(General Medicine)Notice CONTRACTUAL_APPOINTMENT.pdf(1.17 MB)
2 Reimbursement of cost of OPD Medicines: Special Sanction till 30th September 2020Circular Reimbursement_of_cost_of_OPD_Medicines_till_30th_September_2020.pdf(1.08 MB)
3 Guidelines regarding CGHS rates for treatment at private empanelled HCOsCircular Guidelines_to_HCOs_signed.pdf(3.2 MB)
4 OM regarding CGHS rates for treatment in private hospitals empanelled under CGHS in view of COVID-19 PandemicCircular OM_regarding_CGHS_rates_for_treatment_in_private_hopsitals_empanelled_under_CGHS_in_view_of_COVID-19_Pandemic.pdf(1.64 MB)
5 Tele - Home Care Circular TELE-HOME_CARE.pdf(206.81 KB)
6 Guidelines for tele-homecare of COVID-19 patientsCircular Guidelines_for_tele-homecare_of_COVID-19_patients_compressed.pdf(1.56 MB)
7 Reimbursement of cost of pulse oximeter for the family of COVID-19 positive CGHS beneficiary under home careCircular Reimbursement_of_cost_of_Pulse_Oximeter_for_the_family_of_COVID-19_Positive_CGHS_Beneficiary.pdf(1.22 MB)
8 OM Advisory to HCOs in view of COVID Pandemic - 9th June 2020Circular OM_advisory_to_HCOs_in_view_of_COVID_Pandemic.pdf(589.86 KB)
9 Notification of CGHS rates for 25 more investigationsCircular OM_prescribing_CGHS_package_rates_for_25_Investigations_added_to_CGHS_Rate_list_2014.pdf(1.37 MB)
10 Extension of validity of CGHS Card in view of COVID-19 infection till 31st July 2020Circular Extension-of-Validity-of-CGHS-Card-in-view-of-the-Corona-Virus-COVID-19-Infection-OM-dated-29-May-2020.pdf(1.16 MB)
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