Text of MH & FW. O.M. No.S-11011/7/99-CGHS(P), DATED 30.9.1999

Medical Facilities to CGHS Beneficiaries while on Tour, Leave or in Emergency

Keeping in view the difficulties being face by the CGHS beneficiaries including the CGHS pensioner beneficiaries in availing medical services while on tour, leave or in unforeseen emergency at outstation, it has been decided to liberalize the CGHS rules with respect to serving employees and pensioners as follows so as to enable them to avail of the medical services on production of their CGHS cards:

Sl. No.

Category of CGHS

Availing of medical services

Mode of reimbursement




Serving employees



During tour or visit in any CGHS dispensary/recognized hospital or in case of non-CGHS area, A.M.A. and recognized private hospital.

During visit to any other CGHS covered city in the concerned dispensary/recognized hospital or in case of a non-CGHS area A.M.A. and recognized private hospital

By the Head of the Office after following due procedure.

By the CGHS where registered


2. These orders will come into effect from the date of issue.

3. This issues with the concurrence of J.S.(FA), vide Dy.No.4611/JS,(FA)/99, dated 28.9.1999.