Text of MH & FW, O.M. No. 13-26/97-R&H CGHS(P), dated 11.9.1998

Conditions for supply of OPD Medicines for major diseases prescribed by the Specialists of Private Hospitals recognized under CGHS, through CGHS Dispensaries

The manner of providing OPD medicines prescribed by Specialists of private hospitals recognized under CGHS through CGHS dispensaries, for treatment of diseases like Cancer, Heart, Neuro-Surgery, Organ Transplant and Knee/Hip replacement has been under consideration of the Government for quite some time past. It has now been decided that, OPD medicines for the purposes stated above would be provided through CGHS dispensaries, on the basis of the prescription of the Specialist of the Private hospitals recognized under CGHS, subject to the following conditions:-

  1. As drugs are costly, a Utilization Certificate from the treating Specialist should be obtained by the patient from time to time for accountability.

  2. In respect of follow up treatment in private hospitals recognized under CGHS, the procedures as given in this Ministry’s O.M. No. S-11017/1/95-CGHS(P), dated 20.9.1995, would continue to be applicable.

2 This issues with the concurrence of JS&FA vide Dy.No.4073/98, dated 8.9.1998