Text of MH & FW, O.M. No. S-11011/8/99-CGHS(P), dated 13/10/1999

  Instructions regarding issue of Medicines to the CGHS Beneficiaries for Chronic Illness, Reiterated

            I am directed to say that as per existing instructions, the Central Government servants/pensioners who are availing of medical facilities under the Central Government Health Scheme and are suffering from chronic illnesses like diabetes, tuberculosis, heart ailment, hypertension, I.H.D., epilepsy, etc., can be issued medicines for a period of three months at a time by the Officer-in-charge of the CGHS dispensary, provided the specialist has prescribed the medicine for a long period.  This Ministry has been receiving complaints from the patients suffering fro long term diseases and the Pensioners Organizations, etc., that the patients are not being issued medicines for a period of three months at a time and they have go to the dispensary every month for issue of the requisite medicines.

 2. In order to alleviate the hardships being faced by such CGHS beneficiaries, CMO-in-charge of the CGHS dispensaries all over the country are requested to issue them medicines for a period of 3 months at a time against the individual valid prescription containing the advice of the Government specialist.  They may, however, satisfy themselves of the circumstances for the period for which the medicines are issued.  

3. The CMO-in-charge may also maintain the records indicating all such cases where medicines are issued to CGHS beneficiaries for a long period along with the name of the beneficiary, diagnosis and justification for issue of medicines.

4. The above-mentioned orders are also being circulated to all the Ministries/Departments of the Government of India for general information of all the CGHS beneficiaries.