Text of Min. of Health. O.M. No. S. 14025/38/99-MS dated 19/11/1999.

Reimbursement of Medical Claims in respect of Officials admitted in the Hospitals before Retirement and discharged after Superannuation.

This Ministry has been receiving references from various Ministries/Departments regarding settlement of medical reimbursement claims of Government servants who are admitted in the hospitals for treatment before retirement but are discharged from the hospitals after a number of days on attaining the age of superannuation.

2. It has now been decided that in such cases, the Government servants may be reimbursed the medical expenses incurred by him / her by his / her own Office / Department / Ministry concerned, till alternative arrangement is made by the Government.

3. This issued with the concurrence of the Finance Division vide their Dy.No. 5303/JS (FA), dated 12/11/1999.