Text of MH &FW, O.M. No.S-14025/36/93-MS dt. 17/8/1999.

Revised Ceiling for Reimbursement of Expenses on Purchase/Replacement of Hearing Aid

The undersigned is directed to say that a Committee was appointed to consider the issue of revision of rates of Hearing Aids fixed by this Ministry vide O.M. No. S-14025/36/93-MS dated 26/9/1994 and also to determine a time period for replacement of the hearing Aids. On the recommendations of the Committee of experts, it has been decided to fix the maximum ceiling rate up to Rs. 10,000 for body worn/pocket/behind the ear type/in the canal type (conventional), as per requirement of the patient for one-sided Hearing Aid. Any patient requiring a bilateral Hearing Aid on the basis of his/her hearing loss and its attendant disability/speech training requirement/rehabilitation, specially in child/job requirement in adult may be permitted up to a maximum ceiling of Rs. 20,000/-. However, the hearing Aid should be recommended by ENT surgeon after considering the hearing loss of a patient and its attendant disability supported by audiometric evidence.

2. In special circumstances, digital Hearing Aid may also be reimbursed up to a limit of Rs. 60,000/- on the recommendation of three ENT experts.

3. Keeping in view the average life of Hearing Aid as five years, a replacement may be permitted on the basis of a condemnation certificate from a technical expert and on approval of ENT Specialist.

4. These orders will be applicable to both types of beneficiaries viz., CGHS beneficiaries and the beneficiaries covered under CS (MA) Rules.

5. The orders will come into effect from the date of issue.

6. This issues with the concurrence of Finance Division vide their Dy. No. 3653/99 JS & FA (H) dated 23/7/1999.