Text of M.H. & fw Lr. No.S-12015/2/92-CGHS (P) Dt. 18/3/1993

Reimbursement of the Cost of Heart Pacemaker to CGHS beneficiaries

In continuation of this Ministry’s OM of even number, dated 14/10/1992 on the subject cited above, the undersigned is directed to slay that the payment towards the cost of Heart Pacemaker, i.e. Rs. 26,000, or cost of Heart Pacemaker, whichever is less, may be made to the CGHS beneficiary instead of to the supplying agents, where the beneficiaries have already paid the cost of Pacemaker from him own resources. This is subject to submission of a certificate from the treating physician of Government/organized hospital under CGHS, that "the pacemaker has been implanted successfully land is functioning satisfactorily".